[:en]Design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings in Liaoning Province[:zh]辽宁省居住建筑节能设计标准[:]

[DB21/T 2885-2017]

[:en]The “Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in Liaoning Province” is approved by the Liaoning Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and compiled by the Liaoning Academy of Science and Technology and the relevant departments, which is the local standard of Liaoning Province and the record number is DB21/T 2885-2017. This standard has been implemented since December 16th, 2017, which energy conservation standard has been further increased to 75%. According to the climatic zone of the severe cold (C) and cold (A) areas in Liaoning Province, the heat transfer coefficient of the external window is respectively limited from1.6 to 2.2, and from 1.5 to2.0 K [W / (m2·K)], the level of air tightness requirement for outsides window (door) and the open balcony door is class 7.

[:zh]由辽宁省住房和城乡建设厅批准,辽宁省建科院同有关单位编制的《辽宁省居住建筑节能设计标准》为辽宁省地方标准,编号为DB21/T 2885—2017。本标准自2017年12月16日起实施,节能标准进一步提升到75%。根据辽宁省所处严寒(C)及寒冷(A)区的气候带,提升到外窗热工传热系数性能限值分别在1.6 -2.2,及1.5-2.0 K[W/(m2·K)],外窗(门)和敞开式阳台门气密性达到7级要求。