[:en]Design Guide for 65% Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in Sichuan Province[:zh]四川省居住建筑节能65%设计导则[:]


This guide is managed by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and completed by the China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute with the relevant departments. The Practical Guideline for 65% of Energy Efficiency in residential buildings in Sichuan Province covers four climate zones including of severe cold, cold, hot summer and cold winter, mild areas in Sichuan Province. Strive to improve the building energy efficiency standards in these regions and lay a solid foundation for the full implementation of the 65% energy conservation standards in the future. According to the different window-wall ratios, the thermal heat transfer coefficient of the external window is between 1.8-2.2 K [W/(m2·K)] in severe cold and hot summer and cold winter regions.


由四川省住房和城乡建设厅负责管理,中国建筑西南设计研究院会同有关单位编制完成的,《四川省居住建筑节能65%设计导则》实用范围涵盖四川省严寒、寒冷、夏热冬冷和温和四个气候区,努力提高本地区建筑节能标准,为今后全面执行65%的节能标准打好基础。其中门窗的热工传热系数在严寒和夏热冬冷地区,根据不同的窗墙比要求在1.8-2.2 K[W/(m2·K)] 之间。