[:en]Design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings in Qinghai Province(75%)- trial implementation[:zh]青海省居住建筑节能设计标准(75%)- 试行版[:]

[DB63T 1626-2018]


This standard is managed by the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and the Quality Supervision Bureau of Qinghai Province and compiled by the Qinghai Provincial Survey and Design Institute and reviewed by the Expert Committee of the organization. The trial version of the “Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings in Qinghai Province” is now approved as the local standard of Qinghai Province, and the record number DB63T 1626-2018. This standard has been implemented since March 1st, 2018. In order to achieve the strategies on energy conservation and environmental protection, this energy-saving standard has further improved the target to 75%. According to the distribution of the province’s climatic zones in the severe cold regions (A), (B) and (C), the heat conductivity coefficient of the external window is limited from 1.4 to 1.6 K [W / (m2 • K)], the level of air tightness requirement for outsides window (door) and the open balcony door is class 7.


由青海省住房和城乡建设厅和质量监督局负责管理,由青海省勘察设计研究院主编,经组织专家委员会审查,现批准《青海省居住建筑节能设计标准》试行版为青海省地方标准,编号为DB63T 1626-2018。本标准自2018年3月1日起实施,为了实现节约能源和保护环境的战略,此节能标准进一步提升指标到75%。根据全省在严寒地区(A) 、(B)和(C)气候带的地区分布,提升到外窗热工传热系数性能限值在1.4 -1.6 K[W/(m2·K)],外窗(门)和敞开式阳台门气密性达到7级要求。使其在达到建筑节能65%的同时,满足国家一星级绿色建筑设计标识及重庆市绿色建筑设计标识银级要求。其中门窗的热工性能应满足。