[:en]Beijing Design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings[:zh]北京市居住建筑节能设计标准(80%)[:]


[DB11/ 891 2020]

This standard is edited by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group).  “Beijing Design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings” has been approved by Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources and Beijing Market Supervision Administration to organize relevant departments and experts, and is now promulgated as the Bejing Construction Standards. The standard, numbered DB11/ 891 2020, which will be implemented from Jan 1st, 2021. The standard will be to increase the energy efficiency for residential buildings from 75% to more than 80% in China firstly, and the heat transfer coefficient value of external windows is increased to 1.1 W/m2・K.


[DB11/ 891 2020] 

由北京市建筑设计研究院有限公司主编的北京市地方标准《北京市居住建筑节能设计标准》,已经北京市规划和自然资源委员会与北京市市场监督管理局批准,并组织有关部门和专家审定通过,现颁布为北京市工程建设地方标准,标准号为DB11/ 891 2020,自2021年1月1日起实施。该标准在全国率先将居住建筑节能率由75%提升到80%以上,外窗传热系数限制提升为1.1 W/m2・K。