[:en]Jilin Design Standard for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings (Energy efficiency 75%)[:zh]吉林省居住建筑节能设计标准(75%) [:]


[DB22/T 5034-2019]

This Jilin Province Engineering Construction Standard “Jilin Residential Building Energy Efficiency Design Standard” is managed by Jilin Provincial Construction Standardization Management Office,and edited by Jilin Province JianYuan Design Group Co., Ltd.,which has been approved by the Jilin Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Jilin Provincial Market Supervision Administration to organize relevant departments and experts, and is now promulgated as the Jilin Provincial Construction Standards. The standard numbered DB22∕T 5034-2019 was implemented from Dec 5th 2019, which means the energy conservation standard has been further improved in this area. The standard increases the energy efficiency of residential buildings in Jilin Province from 65% to 75%. According to the requirements of different climate zone, window-to-wall area ratios and floor heights, the K value for external windows is limited from 1.4 to1.9 W/m2・K.


[DB22/T 5034-2019] 

由吉林省建设标准化管理办公室负责管理,由吉林省建苑设计集团有限公司主编的吉林省工程建设标准《吉林居住建筑节能设计标准》,已经吉林省住房和城乡建设厅及吉林省市场监督管理厅组织有关部门和专家审定通过,现颁布为吉林省工程建设地方标准,标准号为DB22∕T 5034-2019,自2019年12月5日起实施,节能标准进一步提升。该标准将吉林省居住建筑节能率由65%提升到75%,根据所属的不同地区、窗墙面积比和层高要求,外窗传热系数限值在1.4-1.9 W/m2・K之间。