Use: Casement • System depth: 58 mm


VEKA SOFTLINE AD58 casement system is a 3-chamber system with 58mm installation depth. VEKA has extruded this system since 25 years and counting. This very versatile and complete system is the all-round solution for all window and door needs – inward as well as outward opening window and door systems. It is most suitable for regions with lesser insulation requirements of Uw 2.2 W/m2.K and above. AD58 is especially popular in our export markets in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

  • System Uf 1.8 W/m2.K (including steel reinforcements)
  • System depth 58 mm – 3 Chambers
  • Glazing width range from 4mm – 33mm
  • Glazing depth 18mm
  • Available in profile wall thickness “Class A” and “Class B”

U-Value of standard window

Unit: W/m2·K

Glass Thickness

  • 22/24 mm

Glass Configuration

  • 5ssLow-E+12/14Ar+5

Ug Value

  • 1.50 W/m2·K

Color Options

Standard White

Laminate Moss green / MBAS600505

Laminate dark oak / MBAS2052089

Laminate golden oak / MBAS2178001

Laminate mahogany / MBAS2097013

Laminate dark grey / MBAS701605