Use: Casement • System depth: 60 mm


VEKA MATRIX AD 60 casement system was, as the whole Matrix product line, developed with large projects in mind. This cost-optimized 3-chamber window and doors system can meet most budget constraints for large projects but also fulfills all technical specifications for projects which do not require a 3-Level gasket solution and target a Uw of 2.2 W/m2.K and above. Utmost attention in the design of the MATRIX AD60 has been given to multi-use of steel reinforcement and gaskets, making this system easy to fabricate. The MATRIX AD60 includes design elements from our VEKA England subsidiary with an additional specially designed outward opening window sash. It allows to place the friction stays into the Euro-grove for easy fabrication of strong outward opening windows, which are the most popular window system in VEKA export markets in South East Asia and India.

  • System Uf 1.8 W/m2.K (including steel reinforcements)
  • System depth 60mm – 3 Chambers
  • Glazing width range from 4mm to 33mm
  • Available in profile wall thickness “Class A” and “Class B”

U-Value of standard window

Unit: W/m2·K

Glass Thickness

  • 22/24 mm

Glass Configuration

  • 5ssLow-E+12/14Ar+5

Ug Value

  • 1.50 W/m2·K

Color Options

Standard White

Laminate Moss green / MBAS600505

Laminate dark oak / MBAS2052089

Laminate golden oak / MBAS2178001

Laminate mahogany / MBAS2097013

Laminate dark grey / MBAS701605