Use: Casement • System depth: 70 mm


VEKA SOFTLINE MD70 NEO casement system features the same high-end design and technical benefits of VEKA MD82 system on an economical 70mm and 5 chamber platform with an innovative 3-level center seal gasket design. The MD70 NEO is the perfect match to fulfill all technical requirements stipulated by Chinese building regulations, including high-rise buildings all over Asia. This window system is the perfect solution for low-energy high-rise projects requiring windows with Uw of 1.3 – 2.0 W/m2.K.

  • System Uf 1.2 W/m2·K (including steel reinforcements)
  • System depth 70mm – 5 chambers
  • Glazing width range from 10mm – 40mm
  • Glazing depth 25mm
  • High-performance 3-level center seal gasket system
  • Available in profile wall thickness “Class A” and “Class B”
  • Specially designed steel reinforcements for high wind-load
  • Perfect window system solution for high-rise buildings with Uw 1.3-2.0 W/m2·K

U-Value of standard window

Unit: W/m2·K

Glass Thickness

  • 39 mm

Glass Configuration

  • 5ssLow-E+12Ar+5+12Ar+5 (warm edge)

Ug Value

  • 1.16 W/m2·K

Color Options



dark brown

light grey

dark grey

Moss green

Dark oak

Golden oak


Dark grey



Dark grey